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What kind of fireplace are you interested in?

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Built-In Electric Fireplace

Are you looking for a built-in fireplace? Built-in fireplaces are similar to zero-clearance fireplaces in that they need to be custom-installed into your wall, but different in that electric built-ins don't need to be vented or have a chimney installed. Built-in fireplaces are usually used decoratively, or to install permanent electric heating into your home.

Electric Insert

Are you looking for an insert? If you're trying to replace an old or inefficient fireplace, then an insert is right for you! Insert fireplaces can be placed within an existing fireplace in order to increase efficiency, or to change the fuel used in the fireplace. Electric fireplaces need neither a chimney or venting, which can save you money on cleanings and maintenance.

Electric Wall-Mounts

Are you looking for a wall-mount? Wall-mounts are a very effective way to heat your home! Wall-mount can be placed anywhere your home, as long as there is access to an outlet. A Wall-mount is free to be moved around to any part of the house that needs heating, while still holding some of the vanity of a real fire.

Electric Log Set

Are you looking for an electric log set?  Log sets can be put inside of an existing fireplace to increase it's efficiency, or to change it's fuel type. An electric log set is an efficient way to heat your home with an easy installation. Setting up your electric log set is as easy as putting it in your hearth and plugging it in.

Electric Mantels

Are you looking for an electric mantel? Electric mantels are very similar to built-in fireplaces. Mantels are essentially heaters that come along with a pre-built hearth, that is permanently installed to a wall of your choice! These heaters are often very efficient to run, with some only costing pennies per hour.

Electric Media Consoles

Are you looking for an electric media console? Electric media consoles are portable plug-in heaters that can be used as a centerpiece for your living room, combining furniture and heating in one. You can use one to truly complete a room by putting your TV on it, as well as some other decorative items on it's shelves.