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What kind of fireplace are you interested in?

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Pellet Zero-Clearance Fireplace (M55 Cast-Iron)

Are you looking for a zero-clearance fireplace? Not to be confused with inserts, zero-clearance fireplaces, or simply fireplaces, are typically used when a home is either freshly constructed, or was lacking a fireplace prior. Zero-clearance fireplaces are affordably priced and are highly efficient way to heat your home.

Pellet Insert

Are you looking for an insert? If you're trying to replace an old or inefficient fireplace, then an insert is right for you! Insert fireplaces can be placed within an existing fireplace in order to increase efficiency, or to change the fuel used in the fireplace. The only things required to use an insert is either a preexisting decorative fireplace or open-hearth chimney.

Pellet Free-Standing Fireplace

Are you looking for a free-standing fireplace? A free-standing fireplace, or stove, is a fireplace that is placed on its own, not within a wall, or an existing fireplace. A free-standing fireplace is typically used when you don't have the space needed for a zero-clearance fireplace, or simply want a more cost-effective and cheaper alternative.